Monday, October 12, 2009

Craigslist continuation

Still amused by the "free" section on our local Craigslist. I think it's more of the fact of what they think other people would want & actually take it seriously. Apparently it's free toilet day here being that not just one but two separate people are trying to give their dirty toilets away. The thought of that is just gross & it makes me nauseous. Even if you are in need of a toilet but don't have the money right now, I would at least hope you'd take one from someone who doesn't post such ugly nasty pictures of it. Outside, really? or in a dingy dark basement, really?

Then, I randomly posted the "free plant" not because it's that funny but the fact that the person went on to explain why she was giving it away & was almost trying to sell the idea of why you should come get it - like it's some great treasure?? Read below, self-explanatory

..."A friend gave me a cutting from her plant. I didn't want it, but took it anyway. It has rooted very well, is growing new leaves and is ready to be planted. It is very pretty with large, oval leaves with white spots on them. It does fine indoors in indirect sun. This would be a cute plant to have at the office. It would do best in a hanging basket. Please bring your own vase. Thanks!"

Technically, now it's considered "ok" to post obsessive cat photos of my fur baby, Halle, now that I'm happily married & avoided ending up living alone in a bitter home of furballs. At least that's what I'm telling people so I can post these cute lil cuddly pictures. The irony is that I always make fun of parents who send millions of baby pictures gushing over them or entire blogs dedicated to their childs life but tell everyone..."it's for our friends and family that don't live near by" Yea right! haha Your kid is a reflection of yourself & you're just trying to show off that you produced such a cutie, I've got ya pegged!! It's okay though....if I suffered through 9 months of pregnancy & hours of endless labor pains, I'd be probably throw out a few obnoxious gloats too, in fact, I know I would! However, that is on to the kitty cat, ole

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hot Damn - Don't call me Ma'am!!

Argh - back to back yesterday...two separate people called me "ma'am" from two totally different backgrounds. Man, what a gut punch as I'm creeping towards 30!!
It doesn't help when she's a cute lil high school student nor when he's an extremely syrupy gray haired Publix manager. Thank you for your politeness but "miss" would be much more receptive. Ma'am makes me feel sooo not cool. I think we should only reserve that word for women over 65. Fair? I think so. By then, I think I will have accepted that I'm probably not a spring chicken anymore & probably not cool anymore either but who knows??? I may have discovered the fountain of youth. Til then, hot damn, don't call me ma'am!

Warm Regards,

Friday, October 17, 2008

You know your a crazy pet owner when....

Oh, how I love seeing little innocent children & pets shamelessly get dressed for the Halloween holiday when they have no control over what is being put over their head & on their tiny little bodies.

Here are a few examples that people submitted to the local paper which means these people could be my neighbors which I love even more - they are kookier than me!!

I wish my cat wasn't so fickle. I guess she knows me too well after I applied the blush to her white cheeks. She runs when I attempt to put anything human on her. Rats! Oh well, I will live vicariously through these fellow pet owners. Enjoy!

PS- look at the pumpkin in the first photo...I guess the Elvis crooner needs practice

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's time to ketchup!!!

This is for all my fellow Americans.

When watching the morning news today, they informed me that the #1 condiment used in the US since 1991 has been "salsa"

Salsa??? What,that's not American? I couldn't believe it.

I mean, I knew I like to eat out alot at Mexican restaurants but I didn't know that so did the whole rest of the United States. I see alot of hotdogs, hamburgers & french fries being consumed so I just assumed it was "ketchup" as it should be. Now that is American. I mean, for pete's sake, every restaurant you go to has ketchup on the table along with salt & pepper. You don't see salsa just sitting there for the taking.

I can't even believe they classify "salsa" as a condiment, this was also news to me. So, does that make cheese dip a condiment too? If so, shouldn't that be free? If so, how amazing that would be. I'd drown my little belly in it.

But, back to being American, I'm starting to campaign for "Ketchup on Tortilla Chips". We need to bring back the staple item to our culture. If ketchup isn't your thing, I will also allow mustard or mayo as a substitute. I will also promote dumping the excess ketchup from your table into your purse, under the table or take it to the bathroom for dumping so it will have to be refilled & eventually if everyone cooperates it should make a big enough impact. However, please be discreet, otherwise the restaurants may no longer leave it on the table for all to indulge in. We don't want to counteract our mission here.

Thank you,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Continuation of "free" on craigslist

I think I am going to continue to post my frequent favorite craiglist category "Free"

Still amused by some of the listings - the time, the effort, the bizarreness!!!

Today contestants....drum roll please

A) Fruity Loops - yep, come get free cereal that a moving company is trying to get rid of since some home owner pawned it off on him.

B) Light Bulb - okay people, I know the economy is bad but the amount of gas it would take you to pick it up would be the same cost of the bulb.

C) Litter Pan - maybe if it was new, but ewww, a used litter pan. I think I would find an old garbage lid or something before resorting to driving to pick up a stinky litter pan preowned, gawd, could you imagine the car ride home, gag!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A story of mime

Oh geez - I had to share this "Bridget Fun Fact" with all

Yesterday someone was talking on the radio about living in Paris,France etc...when I suddenly caught myself not listening to the radio anymore. My mind had drifted back to age 13 when I was with a travel group & we stopped in Paris for a couple days as well as other European countries & cities.

Besides getting stuck in the hotel elevator for hours before the front desk decided to do anything about it & missing the group trip to the Eiffel Tower at night, one of my favorite memories was being chased by a full fledged mime through the streets of Paris. Yep, you heard me right, a real mime literally chased me down the street cussing at me in French. I only knew he was cussing because the translator turned around, covered her ears, then shaking her index finger at him as if to scold him.

Here's how it all went down. We were on a walking sight-seeing tour throughout the city and I noticed for the first time in my life a mime on a box in full black & white costume including the face paint & beret. I couldn't have been in a more movie like situation. He's doing his thing & I stop to watch him for a minute while the rest of the group keeps moving knowing that I could quickly catch up. I don't remember standing there for maybe less than a minute to take it all in since I knew I'd probably never see this again. But as quickly as I could turn my back and start briskly trying to meet up with the rest of the students, I hear a thud, french dialect yelling behind me to see that he has jumped off his box & started to follow me. He's trying to relay something really angerily and being so young I think I either screamed or cried. If I had it to over again, I would have turned around & laughed in his face. Then said, get back to work buddy while pointing at his box only to remind him that he is mime & should not be speaking at all. After consulting with the translator, I guess it is customary to tip any street performers after taking in "their show" whether or not you like it. She did admit that he was being awfully pushy & should not have acted out like that so it was okay to ignore him. I was quickly learning that European & American traditions are completely different! How many times have you been downtown a city and seen a performer to just keep walking.You don't see them chasing women or young girls down the street,do you? I believe that would be called harrassment. I should have filed suit except their police are so corrupt over there it is ridiculous. I learned this in Nice, France. A story for a different time!